Petäjäveden Metalli

Oy Petäjäveden Metalli Ab was founded in 1980 to establish itself as a supplier of high quality steel plate and moulded steel bend and compressed parts. The company has a large range of machinery, making it possible to manufacture both small and medium large components, in mass production or as single, tailor made units. Due to the advanced CNC-guiding system of the machines the measurement accuracy is excellent.

New completely automated robot production sell makes it possible to react quickly with fast and high quality production.

The foundations of the company were built on employee arrangement services the founder of the company was involved in Sweden and Norway. Operations in Finland were started in 1979 with the first products as boilers and various heating related components and units.

In 1986 the company turned to the growing market of suppliers to high profile large manufacturers. The machines used by Petäjäveden Metalli today represent unique production techniques in Scandinavia.

Petäjäveden Metalli has grown in the past two decades to be a significant player in the parts supplier market in Finland, and in Scandinavia.

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Oy Petäjäveden Metalli Ab
Teollisuustie 15
41900 Petäjävesi

Tel. +358 14 854 599
Fax +358 14 854 827
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